February 18, 2018

Kona Hiking Club T-shirts


 Your purchase will help fund the Kona Hiking Club operating costs.  Thank you.

Kona Hiking Club T-shirts were ordered on October 23, 2014.

Some people pre-ordered theirs which helps keep the cost down for everyone if we order in a larger quantity.
The rest of the shirts ordered were the best guess of sizes and styles that hikers would want.
So, if you would like to purchase a shirt look at the T-shirt page with the options available, please reply by return email to konahikingclub@gmail.com. Indicate men’s or women’s, what sizes/colors, and how many.
If you are going to be on a hike contact us and the shirt will be available on that day for purchase.  If not, you can pay via mail by check and include money to cover shipping and we will mail it/them to you.  Please contact us for the mailing and check info.

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