February 18, 2018

Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge Restoration Overnight Project at Mauna Kea, May 10-11 2014-Must RSVP!

Hawaii Akepa on OhiaVolunteer at Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge, May 10-11.

Kona Hiking Club is joining with Ellen Jacobs (EJ) in helping to restore this beautiful refuge.

Accommodations in a cozy bunkhouse, contact the sponsor, Ellen Jacobs @ emjacobs2001@yahoo.com for info.




  1. Karin Platt says:

    Hello Ellen,
    I heard about the volunteer project from Kathleen at the last hike.
    It sounds like a fun adventure and I would like to sign up for the weekend of May 10-11
    Mahalo KARIN 🙂

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