January 23, 2018

Mission Statement

Mission: To offer residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the diverse beauty of our island and gain a deeper appreciation of its culture, through hiking.

What we do

The Kona Hiking Club is a volunteer-led group. We have no dues, officers, nor meetings. All you need do is “show up.” There is no charge to participate, but those who carpool are encouraged to contribute for gasoline.


Every attempt is made to schedule one hike every month. We hike on the third Saturday. These hikes are advertised on this website and in West Hawaii Today (approximately one week in advance). Although they are open to everyone, most of our hikes are not suitable for children. Pets are prohibited.


In odd numbered months, hikes may be less familiar, tougher, hotter, longer, and on different days of the week. These hikes are publicized through this website only. We expect that all participants in these hikes are experienced, well-conditioned, properly equipped hikers who will take full responsibility for themselves.

****Many members of our club participate in hikes outside of the posted monthly hike. Send email for more info.****

Currently, hikes are planned and led by Kathleen Johnson. We welcome and encourage members who are willing to lead a hike. If you have a hike that you know well and would like to share, let us know.



Hiking conditions in Hawai’i can be extremely challenging. It is very important that our hikers are aware of hike location, trail conditions and possible weather changes as noted in the hike description prior to hiking.


Hikers are welcome to bring guests or pass on information about our hikes to others. However, if you do so, please make sure that you direct them to the Kona Hiking Club website to review the hike announcement and description. Mahalo for helping us keep everyone safe!


*Prior to each hike, all participants are required to sign the following waiver:


“I understand that the areas that the Kona Hiking Club will be visiting today can be dangerous on account of natural conditions or the activities or negligence of man. I realize that the hike organizers are untrained volunteers, and have no expertise in navigation, first aid, rescue, or dealing with emergency situations, beyond that of the average hiker. Therefore, I assume full responsibility for my own safety. I acknowledge that the hike organizers, property owners, and lessees are not liable should I sustain injury, death, or property damage, whether caused by gross negligence or accident.”