January 23, 2018

Special Places

Consider giving back to the land that gives us so much.


 Click on “Volunteer Projects” pull down for projects details

List of Service Projects that need help:

  • Kohala Watershed Partnership (KWP) -Pelekane Bay -watershed restoration outplanting/invasive removal
  • Mauna Kea Forest Restoration Project (MKFRP) outplanting/seed collecting at Pu`u Mali and Kaohe SMA
    Another great way to help: when you recycle your HI5 containers tell them you want to donate the money to MKFRP
  • `Iole LLC -The old Bond Estate at Kapa`au  –trail maintenance
  • Pu’u Wa’awa’a Ahupua’a -dryland forest invasive removal/outplanting
  • West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery Dryland Forest Restoration Project
  • Palamanui mauka-makai NEW Trail Opportunity!
  • Ka’u Shoreline Cleanup -clean up the “plastic beach” debris
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Kona Hema Preserve and Ka`u Forest Preserve-invasive removal/outplanting
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Kiholo Bay Project- invasive removal
  • PATH
  • Friends of Fitness -botanical garden/trail maintenance
  • Alula Bay Restoration Days at Honokohau Harbor- invasive removal
  • NEW!Plant Extinction Prevention Program